Why Your Managers Would Love to Stop Counting Money

There is a large issue at play with the people who do not pay people on the books. For the people who pay their employees in cash, some of them have a hard time getting the numbers right. Managers have to know that when they count money, they are actually losing money. If they were to just use an accountant, or something of that sort, they would not have to worry about figuring out the payroll for themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • People want to pay workers as little as possible because they earn more money that way.
  • Everyone in the world is money hungry and that much has been proven over time to all.
  • Being able to work effectively while knowing the reality of your pay is really important.

“The IHL Group study also revealed that quick-serves have the one of the highest costs of cash for any retail segment at a whopping 11.4 percent. That means that for every dollar restaurants bring in, they’re immediately losing more than 11 cents of it—before they’ve bought any food or paid a cent of rent.”

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