When trying to build a brand, it is important to consider all of the things that make a brand worthwhile. First and foremost, you want to have a memorable image that is curated from your brand. You want people to see your brand and automatically have an image in their mind of what it is. Secondly, you must market your brand to a high level. Promote inclusiveness and stand for strong values and it will be reflected in your consumer base.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being able to create a lasting image in the minds of consumers is paramount.
  • You want a brand that is true to its values and understands how to connect to people.
  • It is hard to compete with some of the massive brands out there so be creative.

“Restaurants from local mom-and-pop shops to regional chains to mega global brands have done a good job of outlining their values. These values help to differentiate a brand and define a culture, and can be a powerful tool in leading a brand on a daily basis.”

Read more: https://www.qsrmagazine.com/mike-ganino-crafting-culture/6-ways-bake-values-your-brands-dna


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