This is an article on increasing sales in a restaurant and bar situation. More precisely, it is about lighting. The reason why it increases sales is that people are naturally drawn to them. Lights behind the bartender, along the shelved liquor, draw people directly to the bar; the cooler the light, the more people will be drawn to them, and more likely to spend, generally-speaking. Colors can also be used within a LED bulb to further subconsciously-lull the customers into spending more money.

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Work happiness is becoming an ever more essential component to finding and keeping good talent. In order to build a loyal employee force, it’s useful to focus on a company’s culture, more than its perks or pay scale. Retaining talent in the restaurant industry is typically difficult and having an employee happy to come to work is one sure way to keep them there. Additionally communication and family values work well in a high intensity field like food service. A culture of being heard and having fun will find better employees and keep them loyal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a strong customer culture makes for happy employees and customers.
  • A bad employee should be let go quickly before they undermine your culture
  • Communicating and having fun are two of the most important aspects of a strong company culture

“Word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective ways at hiring new talent, which is why companies like Illegal Pete’s implemented an employee referral program that awards a bonus to the employee if the referral is hired and stays for 90 days.”

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